Double Dunham Weekend with Rachel Tavernier

(Level: Intermediate)

Saturday, June 21 • 12:00am-2:00pm ($18)

Sunday, June 22 • 11:30am-1:30pm ($18)

Take both workshops for $30 (save $5)

Register here.

Certified Dunham instructor Rachel Tavernier offers students a chance to deepen their study with a quarterly, intermediate level Double Dunham Weekend, with two back-to-back workshops. Dunham is a contemporary technique based on the folkloric tradition of Dunham in Haitian, Cuban, Brazilian, and African American dance, designed to build your strength, stamina and power in any dance style. You will enjoy a comprehensive class that starts out centered and meditative, gradually becoming high-spirited and powerful as you learn the “Dunham way of life.” Including a traditional warm up, center floor sequence, series of progressions, breathing exercises and amazing live drumming.

Workshop 1 will introduce Dunham Technique vocabulary to those who are at the Int./Adv level in any dance form. There will be an emphasis on folkloric rhythms.

Workshop 2 will continue the Dunham technique vocabulary, with an emphasis on performance techniques and choreography.

Attendance at both sessions is strongly recommended.

About Penny Godboldo:

Penny Godboldo is an Associate Professor of Dance Education at Marygrove College in Detroit, where she served as chair of the dance department for 18 years. She one of only 12 instructors in the world certified to teach Dunham, and serves on the Dunham Technique Certification Board. She also served as a Demonstrator for Katherine Dunham during master classes, and was trained by former Dunham company members. Penny researched Dunham Technique in Cuba, Brazil, and China, and taught and/or performed it internationally.  She is the Artistic Director of the Hartford Memorial Baptist Church Liturgical Dance Ministry and Artistic Director of the P.G. Institute, which focuses on instruction in dance and music for youth and adults in the Detroit community. Ms. Godboldo is Co-Director of the Detroit Legacy Project, an organization that promotes the legacy of Katherine Dunham, and others who have greatly influenced the art and culture of our world.

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